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Tourism means people travelling for fun. It includes activities such as sightseeing and camping. People who travel for fun are called "Tourists". Some Tourists travel to learn about the history or culture of a city or country, or learn about the people who live there, or their ancestors. Tourism, the act and process of spending time away from home in pursuit of recreation, relaxation, and pleasure, while making use of the commercial provision of services.

What Is a Travel/Tourist Visa?

As the name suggests, the Tourist Visa is meant to visit a foreign country with a sole intention of touring, sightseeing, meeting friends and relatives in a country and enjoying the places of interest to tourists. During Tourist Visa the stay is defined for a predetermined amount of time. These visas do not entitle the holder to work or engage in any business activities in the host country.

What Are The Requirements For A Visa?

For Tourist Visa, each country has its own visa application requirements. One needs to check out all the basic requirements of the destination country from its government website and prepare accordingly. Some of the requirements include the correct filling of the visa application form, providing your passport for stamping if required, a photograph, and additional documents such as your flight itinerary, hotel booking or letter of invitation.
Some of the countries also have very strict guidelines when it comes to issuing tourist visas. The visitors who have some criminal record or those having some serious health problems, or some financial issues may or may not be given the desired visa as may be fit to the concerned embassy. If the visa requirements for the country you intend to visit are not met, there are big chances that your visa application may be rejected.

Essential Supporting Documents Required For a Tourist Visa?

The following is a list of commonly requested supporting documents that may be asked by the embassy along with the main application at the time of filing the Visa:

  • Passport Copy
  • Letter of invitation/Sponsorship
  • Financial documents
  • One or two photographs of a specific size determined by the visa office.
  • Proof of financial support during the trip.
  • Confirmation on Purpose of Travel
  • Travel insurance if required
  • Airplane tickets (Including return Journey)
  • Visa Application fees as applicable (Preferably through Credit/Debit Card)

Sponsor/Letter of Invitation

A sponsor/Invitation letter always adds lot of weight-age to the application at the time of filing the Tourist/Visitor Visa. This is not a mandatory requirement but carries an immense value if available. The same is preferred by few countries like Canada, Australia, NZ, United States or Europe, may require the visitor to include a letter of invitation with their travel visa application. A letter of invitation is a formal letter from the person you intend to visit stating that they are inviting you to visit them in that country. Invitation letters help travel authorities vet potential visitors by making sure that a temporary visit is indeed the true nature of the visa request. The visitor may check with the intended destination’s government website for details on what needs to be included in a Invitation letter.

About Visa Interview

We at Indo wets SCHOLARS provide a proper guidance on Visa issues including how to perform during a Visa Interview if applicable. It depends on the country that you have applied for that the Visa Officer may or may not ask you for a Visa Interview. Major portion of the Visa applications are approved or denied without the need for an interview, but the visa officer may request one if he has some doubts or has some clarifications. Some of the common questions that may be asked during a visa interview are as below :

Visa Processing Time

Every country has a different Visa application processing time. The same may be verified from the website of the destination country. Average Visa time : 10 to 30 days.

Visa Fees

Every country has different tourist visa fees for obtaining a visa. We may check the same from the concerned destination’s government immigration website to find out the same.

USA :$160.
Canada : 100 CAD
Australia : $135 to $1000 (Depending on time duration)
NZ : Rs. 15390 (Upto 90 days)
Europe : Adult Rs. 4400 Child ( 06 – 12 yrs) Rs. 2600
Dubai : Rs. 5700 to Rs. 7300
Singapore : $30
Malaysia : Rs. 2600 approx 15 days
Thailand : Rs.2500 to Rs 12000 (Keeps on varying)

  • Why do you want to travel to the said country y?
  • Why do you want to visit at this specific time?
  • Have you ever travelled abroad earlier?
  • Are you travelling alone or someone is travelling with you?
  • How do you know the person you are going to?
  • What will be the duration of your stay?
  • Where you will be staying?
  • Have you booked airline tickets?
  • What about your Medical insurance for this trip?
  • Leave Application and approval from the concerned department if in service?
  • Will you return to your home country after your visit?

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