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  1. What are the English Proficiency requirements in order to submit a Study permit application?
IELTS, PTE, Duolingo or any other proof of language proficiency is mostly required for gaining admission in the College and not for gaining study permit unless you have applied through the Student Partner Program. Hence, you have to make it very clear about the admission requirements needed by the institution you have applied for.
  1. What is the procedure to study in Canada?
The procedure to study in Canada is not that difficult. It just requires a systematic approach and your patience. Indo West SCHOLARS complete all the formalities including applying for a visa. We support and assist you in every process and step required in applying for a course or university abroad from course selection to applying the Visa.
  1. How much does it cost to study in Canada?
Every university and college has its own fee structure. There is no such common or exact cost that can be told. For detailed information about the education cost for study in Canada, fee structure, you may contact us to update you the exact information and help you make the plan according to your budget.  Every institution has its own application fees.
  1. Do I need to show proof of funds when applying for a study permit to Canada?
Yes. In fact, not only for Canada but for every country, while applying for a study permit. You must give the proof of your financials to ensure the financial stability of you and your family to cover your tuition fee, and living expenses, during your stay in Canada. Every state in Canada has different financial requirements according to the colleges and universities situated there. The same may not be required for SDS cases but it is mandatory for Non- SDS cases.
  1. Are SCHOLARShips available to international students in Canada?
Most universities and colleges in Canada provide SCHOLARShips to international students according to their set standards and requirements. There are a lot of schemes and awards offered by the Canadian educational institutions that help the students to overcome almost all their study expenses.
  1. Is a study permit required for shorter courses?
The student requires a study permit if his course of study is more than six months, else he does not require a study permit. A study permit is usually issued for the duration of the person’s studies.But, it is advisable to apply for a study permit even for shorter courses as you can continue in Canada itself, for long term courses. After completion of your short term course, you have to leave the country and apply for study permit through an external Canada visa office.
  1. Is medical examination of the student required, while applying for a Canadian Study permit?
Yes, The medical examination of the student is compulsory while applying for study permit to Canada to pursue a program exceeding 6 months. The medical examination may include; blood tests, urine tests, chest x-rays and a routine medical screening by the Doctor.
  1. If a student changes institution, is a new study permit required?
If a student is changing from one Designated Learning Institution (DLI) to another, despite being on the same level of study, he must notify the IRCC by updating his account online, ensuring that the institution is a DLI. If the transfer is to Quebec then a student needs to apply for a Certificate of Acceptance to Quebec (CAQ) and a new study permit, if required.
  1. Is it possible to submit an application without all the required documents and update the application later?
The study visa application should be completed accurately when submitted. The visa officer will take the decision based upon the documents submitted and an incomplete submission could lead to negative consequences, it could get rejected.
  1. How long are medical examinations valid for study in Canada?
Medical examinations are usually valid for about one year from the date when it’s taken. The applicant has to undergo the medical again if the visa has not been issued within one year.
  1. Will my application be rejected if I have a certain disease or disorder?
Every medical case is analyzed very carefully, including your full medical history. If the disease is such that it is a threat to Canadians and places, and if it’s demanding to the Canadian health care system, it may be rejected due to medical inadmissibility.
  1. Is Bio-metric compulsory for the new students?
Yes, Bio-metric is compulsory for each student. This is done at the respective VFS center or the consulate. Bio-metric is valid for a period of maximum 10 years. If you have further queries or doubts with respect to your any Study Visa need please feel free to call us anytime during office hours at any of the below numbers i.e. - 93430-00001 / 96716-96718.

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